Novapuu - Versatile, everyday solutions for that draw on the traditions of Finnish woodworking.

Novapuu crafts versatile wooden products for a wide variety of purposes.

We apply modern methods to traditional Finnish woodworking to bring you our high-quality wooden products. Selected products are finished with pure, natural linseed oil, which protects against moisture, increases durability, highlights the grain and ensures a hygienic and breathable surface for longer. All our products’ careful, manually applied finish guarantees high quality and makes them smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Novapuu follows the principles of purity and sustainability. Our product finishes are pure, vegan substances. In manufacturing, our goal is to use all wood parts, while any surplus material goes towards making our other products. And if these pieces are too small for making new products, we turn them into wood chips, which we combine with sawdust from the factory and use when planting saplings. 

When manufacturing containers for cosmetics, we use certified pine from a PEFC-certified supplier. The certificate is a sign that the wood is traceable and originates in a sustainably managed forest. We personally select each piece of timber we use to make our cosmetics containers based on the density of its growth rings. We do this to ensure that the wood grade and durability meet the high quality requirements we have set for these products. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to EU good manufacturing practice (GMP), meaning they are suitable for making food packaging materials. We comply with occupational safety requirements and monitor the manufacturing process of each product carefully.

Pine is a durable, antibacterial and eco-friendly material. It is also a renewable natural resource. The pine we use is sustainably produced and carries the PEFC certificate.

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